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 What's so Big about the WWW?
Number of Internet hosts by year, 1997--2001The chart to the left tracks the explosive growth of Internet hosts from 6.6 million in 1997 to 124 million as of Sept. 1, 2001. Sources are Netsizer .com and studies. In the history of Earth, no economic sector has ever mushroomed so rapidly before. So why are businesses scrambling to build Web sites? Consider these Web facts.
bullet It's Growing! See the growth in Internet hosts in the chart above.
bullet It's Already Huge! Over 464 million users and 124 million hosts as of Sept 1, 2001.
bullet It's Worldwide! You can tell your tale to the whole wide world and take orders 24 hours a day.
bullet The cost to keep a page-long color message on the web is just a tiny fraction of that for traditional media.
bullet The Web puts your message before an upscale, informed and affluent public.
Get your message out on the webThe Web has very obvious uses as a way to promote a message. Whether you are selling shoes, saving souls or collecting funds to fight poverty, the Web's immediacy, interactivity and immensity make it a perfect tool
Listen to customer input from the webThe Web is also a fantastic tool for tuning in to what people think and what they want. We encourage using the Internet for both talking and listening, and will work with you to develop the right mix of communication modes to reach your goals.
About the World Wide Web
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