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 Sure it's a Cute Animation, But...
Avoid Under Construction zones.When someone searches for "widgets" they want to look at widgets, not cute, animated under-construction signs. If you're not quite ready to show them what they are looking for, don't post an under construction page. Just keep it on your own hard drive and develop it fully before posting it and links to it. Post links to an under construction sign and you're almost certain to annoy busy, impatient Web surfers. Unless, of course, you sell under construction signs and that's exactly what our harried surfer came to your site to find.
      If aggravating Web surfers isn't enough reason to resist that cute "under construction" look, then consider search engines. Yahoo warns that submitting a site with pages under construction will cause them to not list the site. Other search engines feel the same. They view people using their engine of a search as their "customers". Like any good business, they want to deliver a product (a meaningful list of search results) that pleases their customers. And pointing an information hungry searcher to a coming soon page with no information will not satisfy that searcher. So all search engines punish sites with links to under-construction pages.
      It's perfectly OK to post your business name and contact information on a home page that says "Coming Soon". Let people know how to get in touch before the site is there, and roughly when the site is scheduled to make its debut. But even there, go easy on the animated earth movers and spinning under construction signs.

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 Points to Consider
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  bullet Remember that your monitor is not everybody's monitor.  
  bullet Image errors have many aliases.  
  bullet Watch out for disappearing fonts.  
  bullet Remember 3 words, Show and Tell.  
  bullet Avoid needless distractions.  
  bullet Keep formatting in reason.  
  bullet Pardon our construction, or don't.  
  bullet Splash no splash in search engines.  
  bullet SEO gone in a Flash.Turn Sound Down First!  
  bullet Music to my ears may not be music to every ear.  
  bullet Keywords? Start with the contents of Webster's.  
  bullet Don't be a Copy Cat.  
  bullet Do be a Copy Writer, or hire an expert to write good copy.  
  bullet Don't be selfish. Share the Wealth.  
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