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 Avoid the Geocities Look
Looks like a harlequin isn't a compliment.A typical newbie error is to try to use every single formatting capability available in HTML, CSS and JavaScript in a single Web page. Just as in fashion, when someone says your Web site looks like a harlequin, that's not a compliment. Now we do not mean any offense to all the fine sites that also are hosted there--but below is the now infamous Geocities look.

The Fact that You Can Does Not Equal the Fact that You Should.

A little variation in formatting goes a long way. Look at the layout in top-notch magazines. The professional typographers that design them have at their disposal every font, color and size known to man. But they also have the experience to avoid overuse and the garish results that such excess brings. The Web is not a book. Underlining for emphasis makes great sense in print, but not on the Web, where it usually indicates a link, it often confuses your visitors.

Flashy light

Text looks better if it doesn't bump into other things on the page. Don't you agree?
Give your readers enough color contrast that reading your message is reasonably easy to do. If you can't read this, highlight it with your mouse.

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 Points to Consider
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  bullet Remember that your monitor is not everybody's monitor.  
  bullet Image errors have many aliases.  
  bullet Watch out for disappearing fonts.  
  bullet Remember 3 words, Show and Tell.  
  bullet Avoid needless distractions.  
  bullet Keep formatting in reason.  
  bullet Pardon our construction, or don't.  
  bullet Splash no splash in search engines.  
  bullet SEO gone in a Flash.Turn Sound Down First!  
  bullet Music to my ears may not be music to every ear.  
  bullet Keywords? Start with the contents of Webster's.  
  bullet Don't be a Copy Cat.  
  bullet Do be a Copy Writer, or hire an expert to write good copy.  
  bullet Don't be selfish. Share the Wealth.  
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