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 Links, Treasure on the Web!
Inbound Links are SEO TreasureStill reading with us? Good. We saved the treasure for last.
      Inbound links are like treasure when it comes to search engine rankings. Google in particular places heavy weight on how many inbound links point to your site, especially from sites that cover related topics. The logic is that if other webmasters find your content worthy of a link, and they cover similar material, then you must offer some pretty good information on your topic. The more related, inbound links--the better your content must be.
      The question is, how do you coax all these other sites to link to you? Some webmasters prefer the "Mine! All Mine!!!" route. They reason that once somebody lands on their site, they don't want to risk losing them through a link to some other webmaster. So they just hope that all the other webmasters are stupid enough to link to them with nothing in return. How well does this strategy work? The answer is it all depends. If you develop an informational site with powerful, well-organized and completely unique content, others may well link to it even though they get no reciprocal link. But truth be told, most sites come nowhere close to that model, and the only way they are going to get many inbound links is to return the favor. Why do links matter?
      Unfortunately, to a large degree, search engines base their assessment of how authoritative a website is on how many other sites covering similar material choose to link to it. So for most sites this no links strategy is pretty close to a death sentence for search engine optimization efforts.
     In an effort to get links, some webmasters go overboard and trade links with every site they can find, regardless of its content. This worked back in the late 90s but it didn't take long for search engine engineers to spot this trickery and realize that it was being used to artificially inflate the ranking of sites that were not authoritative at all. All the major search spiders not analyze how related your links are. If you link to every site known to man, you will probably be penalized, not rewarded for your efforts. Keep links topical. Link to sites that would likely interest people who read your own site.

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 Points to Consider
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  bullet Remember that your monitor is not everybody's monitor.  
  bullet Image errors have many aliases.  
  bullet Watch out for disappearing fonts.  
  bullet Remember 3 words, Show and Tell.  
  bullet Avoid needless distractions.  
  bullet Keep formatting in reason.  
  bullet Pardon our construction, or don't.  
  bullet Splash no splash in search engines.  
  bullet SEO gone in a Flash.Turn Sound Down First!  
  bullet Music to my ears may not be music to every ear.  
  bullet Keywords? Start with the contents of Webster's.  
  bullet Don't be a Copy Cat.  
  bullet Do be a Copy Writer, or hire an expert to write good copy.  
  bullet Don't be selfish. Share the Wealth.  
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