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 Quick Start Guidance
Quick start guidance for web developmentThe Checklist to the right lists the things you can do to help us complete your web site in the shortest possible time. Use it as a guide to gather the materials we need in the development process. It's better to ere on the side of giving us too much. Don't withhold photos or documents because they aren't quite what you want. Rather, include them along with a note on how you'd like them improved. Such information can be very valuable in guiding us quickly toward the presentation you want.
 The Devil's in the Details
To build a good web presence for you, we're going to need details about you, your staff and your business. Consider these items.
Terms of
Photos of

We provide all our design clients a complete customer service section with a full suite of boilerplate to use as a starting point. All you need to do is edit this content to suit your unique business. If you are going it on your own or working with a designer that doesn't provide such a resource, you can use other web sites as a guide. Just be sure to avoid any plagiarism. Read more on how to put it in your own words.

  A Word about Images
Good, crisp pictures are VITAL for Web site communications. Without great images, your readers will have little idea of what your site is all about. They will NOT take the time to read until an image forms in their heads. Images should be in JPG format if photographs and GIF format is cartoons, or line drawings. Product images for retail sites should be at least 800 pixels in their largest dimension. So long as your pictures provide good contrast and color, we can always handle format changes and downsizing of overly large images. But we cannot pump new contrast and color into dead looking photos or make tiny ones large with good results.
      Read much more about best Internet practices for images.
 Let's Get Started Checklist
Before you turn the job over to a us, do these things.
  bullet Gather together any literature, pictures and artwork that might help our web site designers tell your story.  
  bullet Study the list of items in the table to the lower left. If you don't already have these items, write them up.  
  bullet List all the keywords and terms someone might use to find sites like yours in a search engine. Now put your list into priority order--most important to least important search terms or phrases.  
  bullet Define your goals for your Web presence.  
  bullet Define your target audience. Tell us what type of readers you want to communicate with.  
  bullet Look for similar sites on the Web. List URLs for ones you love and others you hate. Tell why you feel that way about each.  
  bullet Establish a realistic budget for development and promotion of your site.  
  point fingersNot to Point Fingers, But...
The number one factor that delays website construction isn't failure of the designer to deliver on time. It isn't response from the hosting service. It isn't Internet failure. It's client delays in supplying the content needed to build their site. A little homework early on will pay great benefits. We'll be able to deliver a better site, and do so more quickly.
Helpful Tips to Get Your Site Going Fast
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