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 Extreme Makeover (After)
Screen capture of after the makeover
 How We Met the Challenge
We developed a new look and feel that brands the site as the mecca for Romance. After carefully analysizing the site's content, we split the content into two main areas, romantic products and romantic services. That made it much easier to establish a clear path of navigation for users. For extensibility, we moved the design from plain HTML with a CGI based cart to a fully database driven design with PHP scripting and a MySQL database. We kept the pages search engine friendly by using mod_rewrite to convert long URLs to spider-friendly simple addresses.
Features Included in
bullet Affiliate sales
bullet Bestsellers
bullet Coupons
bullet Gift reminders & personal calendar
bullet Login to personal services
bullet Newsletter signup
bullet Romanitc events calendar with post-your-event feature for event organizers
bullet Ask Veronica advice column
bullet Breadcrumbs
bullet Gift certificates
bullet E-cards
bullet New Items
bullet Personalized stories
bullet Romantic tips
bullet Send-a-friend with coupon credits to the sender for friend's purchases

Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.

 Extreme Makeover (Before)
Screen capture of before the extreme makeover
The Challenge
There were a number of issues to address. The site needed search engine optimization. There was no consistency to its look, feel and navigation. Instead of site wide, consistent navigation, users could only reach certain top-level sections if they started down a cartain path to get there.
      Next on the agenda was adding some pizzazz to the presentation. Working with the site owners, we developed a strategy to make the front page give the impression the site had a great deal to offer the romantically minded--a point of fact but one not made obvious by the original design.
      There were a couple of unique features in the old site that were not highlighted well and too often were missed by visitors. Gift reminders and the Ask Veronica advice column--a combination of Dr. Ruth meets Dear Abby. We decided to give these areas more prominence, and expand this feature-rich direction with the addition of personalized calendars, send-a-friend rewards, personalized romantic stories, new items and hot items sections, romantic tips and lots more.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work