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 After the Makeover
Screen capture of the Yahoo Store makeover
The Ace logo from the old site was actually a carryover from an even earlier failed store, and still carried its color scheme. We first used this rust-red and orange-yellow pallet on the makeover of 2000. After's success, the colors got adopted by one sewing machine site after another. If we were to make this site stand out, it was time for a new direction. If you want to lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd.
      A new right column now features multiple calls to action. Navigation is now by brand, by function or by high-powered search. Continuing with the push for SEO we converted the previous site's unfathomable dynamically generated URLs into static HTML ones that spiders just love. We made sure that there were keyword rich headlines and text on all product pages. We recruited several content writers to craft unique product descriptions for each page. Behind the scenes, we added custom variables and custom RTML scripts so each page would have well configured META tags and Title tag. The results of these SEO moves won't be immediate, but they will be profound.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 Before the Makeover
Screen capture of original before Yahoo Store makeover had been on the Net for years, but had never carved out any significant share of the Internet market for sewing and embroidery machines. They turned to us to give them a makeover that would change that.
Screen capture of original before Yahoo Store makeover
This was another of the ubiquitous sites that don't suffer from any major design sin, just a collection of ho-hum concept, little in calls to action, and navigation that made it less than fun to use. It also needed more traffic. It was definitely time for some SEO.
      To the left, you'll see what we did to give the site a fresh new look and new sales potential. What's not visible to the human eye is the SEO improvements, but spiders will see them just fine, and so will the sales manager at
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work