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 Our Answers to the Database Challenge
Screen capture of
 Above you see, the Yahoo! Store. Below to the right is database integration running on the Make-a-Store platform. Obviously, the branding is very different. But the store owner can manage both stores by working on a single, unified database.
 The Database Challenge
Affordable Lamps had a fairly complex Yahoo! Store with several thousand products, many of which had multiple options such as finish, shade color, and size. Their store is branded for discount lighting. THey wanted to build a new store more aimed at elegant lighting but drawing from the same database as the current store.
      Because it supports automated item export to eBay, they wanted to build this new store not on the Yahoo! Store platform, but on a new store platform called Make-a-Store.
      Our job was to write custom RTML to extract the entire store's database including all the options and coordinate with the engineers at Make-a-Store so that the Yahoo Store database and all the images and order information. We worked with the MAS IT department to help them understand how store databases and images an be uploaded to a Yahoo Store. MAS now advertises their two-way Yahoo! Store integration on their Home page.
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