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 Screen capture of Sewing Machine E-Commerce site
 What We Did
We began upgrading's web presence in 1998. At that time, they had 11 retail stores and were doing only a small part of their business on the Internet. Their goal was for us to take their on-line sales to 50% of their business.
      We served as webmaster for the site for 2 years, taking it through a redesign to improve readability and navigation, and a second phase to add graphics and full catalog sheets for each of its products. We also added 2 enormously popular discussion groups and built them to a leading position in the major search engines.
      By late 2000, AllBrands had sold all but one of their retail stores while simultaneously doubling their sales. Nearly all their $5,000,000 in annual revenues were from online sales. They were then and remain today the dominant retailer of sewing machines on the Internet.
      By late 2000, AllBrands had progressed to the point where they were able to hire a in-store webmaster. We seemed to be the victims of our own success. But they called us back to help them take sales up to the next level in 2002. We gave their Yahoo Stores site a complete makeover. Targets were to show more and better pictures of products, reduce the number of clicks required to place an order, and simplify navigation. They are hold a coveted 5-Star Rating as a Yahoo Merchant. as it was in early 1998
Above you see how the site looked when we first signed on to upgrade it. The home-page look was nice enough, but navigation was difficult. There were no pictures of products for sale, just huge pages full of text about every machine in the store sorted in random order. To find a given machine, one had to read paragraph after paragraph, much of it in all caps, bold face, or both.
      Below you see one of the inside pages as it looks today. The look and navigation are pretty unique for a Yahoo Stores site. Yahoo's content manager required significant customization of it's proprietary RTML language templates in order to acheive this robust navigation and display. interior (item) page on Yahoo Stores.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work