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 Screen capture of Amputee Support Association site
 What We Did
We wrote and developed the site to tell the story of the group and to help them launch their annual bikeathon. What you see above is the home page as it looked when we finished it.
     If you go to now, you'll notice the look is not so tidy. A member of the group took over webmastering about a year ago. He is keeping things together, but lacks some of the graphics and web design skills to preserve the look of the site.
The Amputee Support Association of Hampton Roads is a local support group for amputees. It operates as a non-profit under the umbrella of the national ASA.
      In 1998, the local group conceived the the idea of Ride 1999, a bikeathon to raise funds to help recent amputees acquire the prosthesis they need to return to productive lives within the community.
      Despite a near brush with the devastation of hurricane Felix, the event was a terrific success, and has become an annual fundraiser for the group. The 2001 event was held September 14-16th. If you are a bike rider, and would like to participate in future events, check into it on the ASAHR web site.
      The web presence was initially built to launch the event, and we are very proud that it has worked so well, and continues to do so.
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