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 After the Makeover
Screen capture of the ArtStampDIrect's Yahoo Store makeover
Using CSS, we developed a contemporary look. Rather than SEO killer JavaScript image rollovers, we duplicated the look they deliver using search friendly CSS text rollover links. The entire design will scale to fit in any display resolution from 800 x 600 to the largest displays in use today.
      We worked with the graphic artist for manufacturer, Hampton Art Stamps to come up with a look and feel that met both image and SEO objectives. With multiple methods of navigation needed, we opted for a JavaScript drop-down menu to shop by stamp category--upper right. But we used a home-page text link to the same content to keep everything spider friendly for SEO purposes.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 Before Makeover
Screen capture of original before Yahoo Store makeover
The good news with this makeover was the ample room available for improvement. The old site was implemented in frames, and as you can see from the inset below, the header frame was just a bit short to fit its content, leaving the top row of navigation buttons cut half in two.
Navigation bar cut off by frame.
      But even if properly designed, frames hurt a lot more than the appearance of a site. They are disastrous to search engine optimization, make it hard for users to print the page and completely defeat bookmarking of anything past the home page.
      To the left, you'll see what we did to give the site a fresh new look and new sales potential.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work