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 What We Did
We developed the content for Andy's web site and did the HTML design. We also provide continuing webmastering support and updates.
      We designed the site to provide a potential tourist about to visit Andy's service area all the resources they might need to plan their trip. This is unique among taxi sites, and has been a strong point in the site's great success. Our coverage of local tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, fishing and golf courses on Andy's site has brought him links from nearly all of the local economic development and regional directory sites, something no other taxi site we know of can claim.
Use a search engine like for the key words, taxi cab. Look at the sites you find. Then take a look at the Andys Taxi Group Site. Andy's site is unique. If you scroll down the page of results on Google, you'll notice that ATG is also right there among the first ten results among more than 175,000! Now search for taxi Virginia Beach. Andy's site is number one among 33,000--ahead of all the big local taxi companies in his area.
      Andy's site does incredibly well in all the big search engines including The site also gets significant traffic from links that local development councils and tourism sites have given Andy--because his site has so much information to help tourists.
      How well is the site working for the company? Since building the site, Andy has more than doubled the size of his fleet. He wanted the site to target long-haul traffic in and out of the Norfolk International Airport. ATG is now the leading transportation provider for such travel.
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