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 What We Did
We wrote the content, handled most of the custom photography and generated the art for The look of the site is intentionally like that of Andy's original Taxi Site to establish corporate identity. We also took care of search engine optimization, listings and promotion. Check our work on Andy's Fleet Equipment Site.
Owned by the same people who run AndysTaxiGroup, this site provides everything a fleet owner needs to outfit their vehicles. The start-up success of the site is entirely dependent on our Internet marketing help. ATG may turn to print and other traditional media advertising in the future, but for now, they depend entirely on their position in the major search engines and on link exchanges which we helped them secure.
      So, how does the site do in search engine, you might be asking. Try searching "taxi advertising sign" on, the net's largest search engine. Andy's site is #1 among 158,000 matches. Or try looking for "taximeter" on Yahoo, the Internet's number one directory. Again, Andy is number one. That's what search engine optimization is all about. You can contact Andy for a reference, 1-877-ANDYS4U.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work