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 How We Met the Challenge
Of course we wanted to tell the story of this new invention in words, but we felt it was vital to also show it in word pictures. We put the poor inventor through quite a quest driving to get a picture that did the job needed for the front page. Fortunately he understood the need and worked patiently with us to get shots that really told the story in just 2 images--succinct enough to fit on the front page. We added a comic-book style thought balloon to one of the images, further driving home the concept. The inventor was a vital part of developing the final look of the page, choosing the top image from those the professional photographer shot and suggesting the balloon. We owe a great deal to his creative input.
      We used our custom RTML to build a store backend that would keep search engine spiders happy and well informed. People aren't yet searching for this product, but as word gets out, they will be.
      To help get the word out, we put a Send-a-Friend link prominently in the upper right of the header..
      Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 The Challenge
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Introduce an invention that's so simple yet revolutionary that nobody knows they need it till we tell them about it.
      We all know the old saying, "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a track to your door." That's probably true for mousetraps. Everybody knows what a mousetrap is. People search for them, and will find your better model. But this product is so innovative that no one knows to search for it.
      Our Web site design needs to do what's called "Missionary Marketing." We need to get the message out, "Hey look at this really neat new trick." And we have only a few seconds to get this message across. The average Internet user will give you perhaps 10 seconds to convince them to stay and look further. Building a stick site to do Missionary Marketing is a major challenge.
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