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 Screen capture of baby furniture site
 Babies & KidsWishes--After Makeover
This retailer approached us for help in transferring and existing eBay store to Yahoo. The targets were to give the eBay site a fresh new look, organize it so that users could easily drill down to the exact product the wanted, and build in search engine optimization and links to bring heavy traffic to the revamped store.
      To meet these objectives, we crafted an inviting look for the new site. We organized it by product category and subcategory. We set it up so that users can use the menu, a site index or a site search engine to find what they're seeking. We opted for custom RTML templates making it possible to use a HTML text links for the navigation menu in lieu of the Yahoo Store default graphic link buttons. This change alone had great significance to search engine optimization, and search engines cannot read image files, only text.
 Before the Makeover
Before the store makeover. The eBay Store Home Page
The store was not that easy to find on eBay. As the screen capture above shows, the front page was rather lackluster. And searching through to store's merchandise was a challenge.

Content Pages that Sell
Product display pages with real content. No cookie-cutter look here.
We are convinced that Internet stores must show and tell customers what they are going to get. We crafted product pages with big pictures, and clear descriptions. We used a zoom feature so customers can click the image on the product page for a full-page picture. The result is an eye-catching display sure to entice visitors to read and to place orders.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work