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 Screen capture of Author's site
 Balanced Living (After)
Anita Perez is an Author and certified coach. In her book, Balanced Living, and in her coaching career, she teaches overworked, frazzled people how to get back into control of their runaway lives.
      Coach Anita had built a do-it-yourself Web site for her book, but she wasn't happy with the result. She wanted something with more pizzazz and more reach. She reasoned that Yahoo Stores could supply the reach and selected ET Productions to apply the pizzazz and migrate her existing site into a Yahoo Store.

Delivery by Download
One of Coach Anita's objectives in this project was to provide delivery of her book not only by old fashioned UPS shipment but in a downloadable PDF file with an accompanying MP3 version of the companion tape. Using tools built into Yahoo Stores, we were able to accomplish this objective for her.
 Balanced Living (Before)
The Balanced-Living Author's site before redesign.The original had little to give a word picture of what it was all about. We opted for a graphic look that branded the site as about reaching higher--striving to reach the pinnacle of success.
      We added navigation and customer service pages to give the site a more complete look and to inspire confidence in customers. A bit of checking showed us that Coach Anita is a highly regarded Certified Coach with a great depth of experience and impeccable professional affiliations. We thought it was important that her site show this, and make it easy to find.
      If you need a cost effective way to showcase your work, contact ET Productions. And of course, if you need to reign in an over-scheduled lifestyle, contact Coach Anita.
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