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 Big & Tall Sweats--Port to Yahoo
Screen capture of Clothing for Big Men Site
 This company was already on the Web when they contacted us for help, but they were hampered by an uninspired look and design that left them invisible in the major search engines. To turn things around for, we migrated their site to Yahoo Stores and gave it a fresh new action-oriented look to appeal to their customer base.
      This project included selecting stock photography and cartoon art, logo generation, design of the look and feel of the store and migration of the existing products to the Yahoo Store platform. To get this done expeditiously, we worked with the product images in the existing store. Our next step in turning sales around for this client will be to photograph all his products with excellent lighting and contrasting backgrounds, and upgrade the admittedly poor product photography to something that jumps out of the page and screams, "Buy Me!"
 The Original Store
The store before porting to Yahoo Stores
The store was not that easy to find. As the screen capture above shows, the front page was rather lackluster. No people. No human touch. No products shown. No graphical indication of what the site is all about.
      Worse, the design left little for search engine bots to "read" when trying to determine what this site was all about. Consequently, the page was lost under of thousands of other listings when one searched for key phrases like "tall man's sweat shirt" and such.
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