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 How We Met the Challenge
We usually downplay logos, but the BlankSlateBooks logo captured the essence of the invention so well we emphasized it, taking an otherwise slim header and flaring it down to make space for a large logo. This sweeping design seemed to lighten the otherwise angular, geometric lines of the books. But making such a design scalable to fit any screen resolution was an interesting challenge in itself--one we are proud of having solved.
      We added the double tag line, "Blank Books for Kids, Do-it-Yourself Board Books for Little Authors" to further drive home the point of what this invention is. We went with cartoon style art and Comic Sans text to keep the Kids Korner style in the look and feel.
      We tackled the one-product-store question frontally. We built a product page for each size kit, all shown within the "Products" page where we openly stated that this is a one product store and that the one product offered is so exceptional that there is little point in offering anything else.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 The Challenge
Screen capture of product page
Combine two seemingly disparate themes, a childlike exuberant look and a very adult message about helping children discover the joy of reading and writing.
      Add to that the challenge that the site is truly a single-product store. How do you package it to avoid looking understocked?
      Perhaps a word of explanation is in order. BlankSlateBooks showcases a new, patent-pending invention. It offers a simple, easy-to-use kit allowing parents to help their children publish their very own board books--books with heavy cardboard pages suitable for the abuse small children give their reading matter. These are literally blank books for little authors.
      They lead children to want to read, and to think creatively about what to write and how to illustrate their books. But how to tell that story on the Web. That was our challenge.
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