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 Screen capture of plumbing service and plumbing care store site
 Boss Plumbing--The Challenge
Build a site that does a credible job of selling local service and at the same time functions as a nationwide source of environmentally friendly plumbing care products. Boss Plumbing serves the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas of Southern California with a fleet of radio dispatched and fully stocked trucks able to make emergency calls as needed throughout the company's service area.
      They also have a small but growing line on environmentally friendly bio-active plumbing-care products for clearing drains and maintaining septic systems.
      Beyond that, we needed to define the company's service area within an incredibly confusing marketplace. Southern California has reasonably been dubbed 100 cities in search of a home. The metroplex is heavily populated, extremely diverse, and too big for any single radio dispatcher base to cover. Our finaL challenge was to search engine optimize the site for both it's very defined local and its national focus.
 How we Met the Challenge
We felt that with the local/national focus of the site, it was critical to develop a home page that used both visual and textual elements to guide the visitor's eyes to the disparate focus elements of the site. To achieve this, we came up with an innovative combination of CSS and HTML to form multimedia headers for each of the sections described on the front page. These headers combine Text headlines with solid images plus image backgrounds that are nearly transparent. This technique is complicated by the face that the page scales to fit available window width.
      An example is the upper left column header. Here we have the Headline "25 Years Offering Same Day Service" and a very solid image of one of Boss Plumbing's fully equipped service trucks superimposed on a ghosted out background of a residential street.
      We used the front page as a tie between the local service site and the nationwide plumbing supply site. Locally, we used coupons and service discounts as an enticement to commit. Nationally, we set up a newsletter and Send-a-Friend viral marketing as ways to increase the site's sales reach. We also included search engine optimization in the design to ensure the traffic flow needed to make these enhancements worthwhile.
      Visit the site and see for yourself how we did.
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