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 Screen capture of natural (drug-free) bodybuilder's site
 Christian Bodybuilding--The Challenge
The fledgling World Christian Bodybuilding Federation came to us with a vision for, a site promoting natural, drug-free bodybuilding and competitions for Christians who practice drug-free fitness. The design challenge was to build enough function and pizzazz into the site to accomplish the organization's vision, but keep the project within the meager means of the cash-strapped startup
      Fortunately, the group's founder, Dr. Rodney Gaines, had plenty of pictures from previous competitions, so we didn't have to pay for licensing of stock photography for the site. Also, Dr. Gaines, the Assistant Professor of Health and Fitness at Norfolk State University, was well equipped to write his own copy instead of paying for copy writing services. This meant we could apply what resources he did have strictly to website development.
 How We Met the Challenge
The organization had plans for as many a six competitions in 2003. FOr each, we would need to be able to sign up athletes in over a dozen competitive categories and sell adult and child/student tickets. Flexible input form for ticket sales and event registration
To manage these tasks, we could have easily developed as many as 80 or more forms, one for each separate competition, category, and ticket. Instead, we carefully crafted a single form capable of trapping the necessary data.
      The plan is to develop backend software to parse customer input in the form and automate credit card payment for all the categories and competitions. However, to keep costs as low as possible, we set up the site so that, for now, this is all handled by the site owner through e-mail.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work