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 Screen capture of Photographer's site
 What We Did
Cook Photo needed a cost effective rescue of a failed design attempt. They had previously hired a designer who apparently planed to learn web development on their nickle. After months of no progress, they were forced to look for a better solution. Our Gandalf Grey template look kept their cost to a minimum and gave them an attractive showcase for their fine photographic art.
      The template design is a fairly simple one inspired by Piet Mondarian's poster art. Its simplicity is just what's needed for this project. The site must act like a good frame, showing but never overshadowing the photographer's art.

Cook Photo Gallery
Jeff and Debbie Cook of Virginia Beach have built a respectable home business in Cook Photography. They specialize in portrait, wedding, special event Continued next column 
 Cook Photo Gallery (cont.)
and military affair photography. They have an indoor studio and also do location shoots for portrait work.
      We used our Web Starter template for them, but expanded it to include a Gallery where they could showcase a set of their photos, showing the range of their work. The Gallery Page has thumbnail strips arranged in sets of four, one set for each style of photography. Clicking a thumbnail brings up a pull-page version of the picture. THe user can then navigate through the full-sized images in slide-show fashion or jump back to the main Gallery Page to select a different image.
      Take a look at our work and theirs at If you need a cost effective way to showcase your work, contact us. And of course, if you need a fine photographer in Virginia Beach, contact Cook Custom Photo.

What the Customer Said
Date: 1 Oct 2002 23:38:53 -0000
Subject: Re:Statement Attached


Thanks again for a Great Website and Fast Service! We have already referred you and will continue to do so!

regards, Jeff and Deb

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