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           Our Portfolio     Mortgage Company's Virginia Beach Site Designed by ET Productions
 What We Did
We used money green and Midas Gold as obvious colors for a mortgage savings site. Yes, we actually scanned a dollar bill to nail that satisfying green/grey.
      We handled both content and web development for this client, supplying all copy writing and editing, selecting art and photography, and integrating the entire package with active pages for Secure online 1003 including direct connection to local LOS packages, automated rate-search with real-time rate feeds from 50 selectable lenders and much more.
This is the Virginia Beach branch of a nationwide broker. We wrote and developed this site for them. The site went online in early August of 2002 and has already begun to rise in the search engines.
      We wanted a warm and personal look for the site, indicative of the personal touch we saw them using in dealing with prospective borrowers.
      The company is a mortgage broker, finding the right lender to match their customer's specific needs. They handle everything from top-quality to high-risk lending.
      Since they are a full-service mortgage broker, Mortgage Services is not locked into dealing with one lender and one set of rules. Their strength is in being able to maximize a customer's chances of getting the best rate on a loan.
      The site does well in search engines, and is getting rave reviews.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work