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 Screen capture of medical recruiter's site
 Diffenbaugh & Associates, Inc.
This medical jobs site is the Home Page for a major medical recruitment service. Diffenbaugh & Associates help client hospitals, clinics and health care organizations in 37 states find the experienced, qualified health care professionals that are vital to their businesses.
      Clients turn to Diffenbaugh & Associates rather than staff a full time personnel department to keep their costs low. Clients also appreciate the anonymity gained by working with a professional search agency. They also benefit from an experienced search firm's ability to filter through applicants and provide only the most qualified to them, thus freeing their time for the medical activities that are the heart of their business.
      Doctors and Psychiatrists appreciate the professional guidance that a search firm provides them in the unfamiliar task of seeking a new position. They benefit from having someone knowledgeable in prevailing wage and contract practice on their side.
 What We Did
This project was a redesign of an existing site. Problems with the old site were that it relied on a single page to present the information that we now have organized in 14 text-heavy pages. Previous Diffenbaugh Associates medical recruitment site
There was little visual content on the site and what did exist gave the visitor no clue as to the medical focus of the site. And finally, Andy Diffenbaugh was ready for a new, fresh look for his web presence.
      After consulting with Andy, we decided to use a grid-based Bauhaus style design with medical images to visually suggest the site's purpose and an understated yet elegant color scheme to inspire confidence. Consistent navigation is achieved through a simple navigation bar running down the right side of every page. While this bar has the look of graphical navigation, the links are actually text links and so available to all users, even search engine robots. Visit the site and see how well you think we did.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work