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 How We Met the Challenge
We used a combination of custom RTML programming in the Yahoo Store, JavaScript form validation and PHP/MySQL on the Merchant Solutions server. In order to assign new subscribers an account number so they can log in and begin discount shopping, we set up an XML real-time link between the Yahoo cart and PHP on the Merchant Solutions server. In this way, PHP can examine each order and react to each new subscription purchased in the store.
      We kept the color scheme of the site and the basic look, but switched the navigation to text instead of an image map, giving better search engine optimization and faster load times.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 The Challenge
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Set up an existing Yahoo Store so that preferred customers (subscribers to Elevator Magazine) get a automatic 15% discount when ordering selected items.
      Elevator World is the International leader in publishing for elevator and escalator professionals. Their flagship publication is Elevator Magazine. In order to boost subscriptions to the magazine, they wanted to offer their bookstore customers a 15% discount on most of the books in their store. Whenever a user adds a discountable book to their cart, our program lets them see how much they could save by subscribing. Add multiple items, and they see the cumulative savings. in many cases, the savings alone are enough to offset the cost of the subscription. Sure to drive subscription sales.
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