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 The Challenge
The Society for Establishing Women in Business came to us for help in building a Web presence. They had popped together a few pages in Microsoft Frontpage, but they new the appearance needed a touchup. Actually, we saw the need for a makeover as going much deeper than appearance just the look and feel.
      To begin with the Society's URL was Two BIG problems with that. Too URL was too big. To benefit from public service spots on radio and TV, a non-profit's URL needs to be short and easily memorable. You want people stuck in traffic to be able to hear a radio spot and still remember it well enough to reach the site when they finally get home. And the .com top level domain was the wrong TLD. To establish credibility, a non-profit should be in the .org domain.
      Then there was the issue of guiding visitors to the actions the Society wished them to take. The existing content and its organization failed to do that effectively.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 How we Met the Challenge
We attacked the domain issue by brainstorming with the Society management. First we had to explain the need for a brief, memorable domain. That done, we had to find something that both fit the requirements for short and memorable and also made some sort of sense as a handle for The Society for Establishing Women in Business. And all that satisfied, the domain had to actually be available. We suggested using acronyms as the easiest way to tie the name and domain together. But the full acronym, seemed itself to be ponderously long and un-memorable. We liked It fit Establishing Women in Business, which was the core purpose of the Society. But it was already taken. We found that FEWIB and SEWIB were both available in the .org TLD. Both are short and phonetic, but FEWIB seemed to suggest female and got the nod.
      With the Domain issue solved, we set about creating a logo and tying the site name and domain acronym together through it. We opted for a clean, business-like look in both the logo and the site's pages. After consulting with FEWIB staff regarding what they wanted visitors to do while on their site, we came up with the present navigation and feature sidebars to set of primary action points. We capped off the project with a powerful Content Management System which includes full formatting capabilities similar to those in Microsoft Word. Even tables and graphics are supported.
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