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 Screen capture of restaurant site
 The German Pantry
Shortly after buying the business from its previous owners, Wallace and Sieglinde Bowles contacted us for ideas on revamping their restaurant's Web presence. At the time, they had a business card site on Quick Pages, one of the many would-be Web Yellow Pages directories. The new owners weren't sure what they wanted in an Internet presence. We met with them in the restaurant to discuss options. During that discussion, several dedicated long-time customers came in and gladly added their input.
      The consensus reached at that meeting was to sell the sizzle, not just the steak. Use plenty of pictures of the sumptuous food.
      With the strategy set and digital camera in hand plus scans of catalogs from suppliers of the
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 deli items, we set out to build a highly visual, mouth-watering site. We wanted a presentation that looked very graphical, but knew file size had to be limited so that it would download quickly, even over a 28K Modem.
      With a Top-50 Sites Award now in hand from Atlantic Publishing, that strategy must have been well founded.
Top-50 Restaurant Site Award

What We Did
We used invisible tables with tiny tiling background images to create the impression of a classy saddle-stitched menu while keeping the file size small. The page looks like a full screen graphic but it downloads in a flash.
      The menu metaphor is carried over into the navigation, which is accomplished with the tabs on the right side of the open booklet. What you see above is the the Menu main page. Note the extensive use of photos to whet the reader's appetite. The "Menu" tab is selected in the picture above. Remaining choices are lighter in color to call attention to their presence.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work