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 Extreme Makeover (After)
Screen capture of after the makeover
 How We Met the Challenge
We came up with a look and feel that was alive and full of inviting text and graphics. We wanted to give the site owners a flexible home page where daily and weekly specials and new arrivals could be easily showcased, so we came up with 3 rows of 5 columns each where various specials, pre-orders and hot items can be showcased. We also provided a right column with a custom e-mail list signup and Featured Product spot. All these features are easily maintained by a point-and-click back office.
      We added breadcrumbs to simplify navigation of the 5,000 plus pages. We added a Send-a-Friend link to every page, allowing visitors to easily e-mail a friend and recommend the site.
      What looked like text in the left navigation was rendered in the site's graphics. Now the first rule of SEO is search engine spiders can't "read" images. So we converted the page links to text and switched the text in the images to real text. We focused on adding additional traffic as well as Page Rank with a reciprocal links page. We revised the RTML templates that produce the site's pages, adding search engine optimization throughout the site.
      Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 Extreme Makeover (Before)
Screen capture of before the extreme makeover
The Challenge
Convert the Yahoo cookie-cutter store above (Before) to a top-seller professional look like you see to the left (After), and make the store's roughly 5,000 products easy for users to find and buy.
      The store owners had some very definite ideas about favorite colors. They wanted green, blue, yellow and some red. Lots of bright color, which seemed in keeping with the toy and collectible theme, and meshed well with the logo Iguana. Iggy was a leftover from an earlier incarnation selling mostly comic books, so making him look like a sensible part of the new market drive was an important part of the project
      The original site Had not been designed for search engine optimization (SEO). It was doing OK in traffic, but too much of that was coming from Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. We saw that we could more than double the traffic by SEO.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work