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 Screen capture of, a Yahoo Store selling humorous outgoing phone messages
 Great Voice Mail--The Challenge
Missionary marketing. Everyone wants to come up with a brand new concept, and GreatVoiceMail actually did. But as their marketing firm, it's our job to explain this new concept to a busy, easily distracted public and to do so in a way that makes them want it. Since it's sound and humor we're selling, we turned to these two elements as a large part of the solution. We included spoiled samples of an array of humorous outgoing voice-mail or answering machine messages available at a click from the front page. Some are even free downloads with no voice-over spoiler
      We opted for a brash, edgy look to suggest the humorous bent of the site. We relied heavily on stock photo agencies to find illustrations to bring the site to life for visitors.
      ON the product pages, we pressed for a compelling, informative explanation of each sound clip. There is a preview button with spoiled sample, the file type and size are displayed. The running time is shown. THere's a picture of the celebrity being spoofed, and a transcript of the actual humorous message.
 How We Met the Challenge
We built the site on the Yahoo Stores platform, using their "softgoods" feature to automate the delivery of sound files to shoppers. Product display pages with loads of custom fields explaining all about the sound file
Problem. The Yahoo Stores software handles the delivery of a single download, but the client wanted to sell annual subscriptions entitling "members" to a wide selection of downloads. To handle this, we are building a subdomain. We process subscriber orders via the Yahoo Store then pass a subscriber ID to the other server, which will then give the member access to all the files they've ordered.
      We are convinced that Internet stores must show and tell customers what they are going to get. We crafted product pages with celebrity pictures, lots of text, and an eye-catching, non-standard look to entice visitors to read more and to order these exciting new sound files.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work