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 Screen capture of the Governor's School for the Arts Music Theory site
 What Conrad Did
This isn't an ET Productions site. Our founder's son, Conrad, built it for his school--with a little encouragement and help from his dad. Conrad wanted something that would look artistic without getting in the way of the information the site was meant to convey. He paired the modern look of the site and its sans-serif font with the antique look of the engravings to suggest what music theory is today, the juxtaposition of very modern musical styles and compositional methods against an underpinning of musical rules that have been evolving since the beginning of time. Take a look. See how successful you think Conrad's design is.
GSA Music Theory Site
The Virginia Governor's School for the Arts has a main web site which was designed by students in the Art department. But the Music Theory Department wanted a site of their own where they could present all the basics and fine points of theory and provide a forum for discussion of the subject.
GSA Main Web Site at
      While the main GSA site is intended to showcase all the arts with strong visual impact, the Music Theory Department was much more interested in providing quick access to useful information. With this difference in focus, the Music Theory site emerged as a very different presentation from the main GSA site.
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