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 Screen capture of Chamber Music site
 What We Did
For the HRCP site, we used CSS positioning to float the Hampton Roads Chamber Players logo over the stunning image of an Amati Viola. The drop shadow is actually coordinated with the viola image to make it appear to equally darken both the wood of the instrument and the white of the page. The page above is a splash page. It offered the user the choice of a tour with or without background MIDI sound, and also announced upcoming events.
The Hampton Roads Chamber Players provide very talented young string musicians in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia with an outlet for performance of some of the world's greatest chamber music. The group maintains a full calendar of performances from fall through spring. Also check for string camps each summer.
      HRCP needed a web site that would let readers keep up with events and schedule changes. In addition, they wanted the site to inform interested young people about audition requirements and schedules, and encourage financial and volunteer support from within the community.
      You may wonder why we're talking about the HRCP site in the past tense. The group temporarily suspended operations in 1999. While they are now back in operation, their web site is not. The domain name was lost during the hiatus.
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