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 We'll Show You Ours
We've been building sites now for over ten years. Here you will find an index to a selection of these sites representing all areas of e-commerce and Internet communications.
  bullet Arts & Letters--Showcases for creative endeavors from small to very large.  
  bullet B2B & Wholesale--Business to Business is a fast-growing segment e-commerce.  
  bullet Communications--Sites for the communications industry.  
  bullet Home & Garden--Home and garden how-tos and retail sales for this sector.  
  bullet Finance--Banks, mortgage firms, brokerages.  
  bullet Food Services--From local restaurants to the general food-service industry.  
  bullet Health & Medicine--Traditional and alternative medicine, dentistry, and related health-care industry.  
  bullet Law & Order--Police agencies, security, detective agencies, law offices and related legal and law enforcement professionals.  
  bullet Non-Profits--501c3 operations from small localized startups to national and international not-for-profit organizations. We offer discounts to Non-Profits.  
  bullet Real Estate--Real estate agents, brokers and services aimed at realty professionals. Interfacing to MLS listings available.  
  bullet Retail Sales--On-line stores of all kinds including simple shops to sophisticated e-tailing operations.  
  bullet Transportation--If you are in the business of moving people or goods, we're in the business of moving customers to you.  
  bullet Yet to Come--What's currently in the works? Sites we're building as we "speak".  
  Now You Show Us Yours
Let us know what you're seeking in a Web presence. Send your sketches and ideas and we'll help you turn them into a dream come true. We look forward to working with you.
 In Layman's Terms
We have the expertise and tools to offer you all those cool effects you've seen on the WWW. But our philosophy is to think first about your message and how it can best be presented on the Web. We use little or no Flash and DHTML effects, but the sites we build work, and they stay put on the web.

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Be cautious of web developers who post no portfolio, or whose portfolio doesn't include any way to view the real web site. It might be just a stylistic decision, but putting their entire portfolio in screen captures on their own site could also be a red flag. It might mean that lots of the images don't represent real web sites. They could be proposal sketches done to try to win work. Worse they may represent real sites that failed soon after launch and are no longer available on the Web for viewing. Perhaps not the designers fault, but if a large percentage of their work is in building failed sites, this is probably not the developer to select for your project. Trust, but verify.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work
  Arts & Letters                  
  B2B & Wholesale
  Communication & Media  
  Home & Garden              
  Food Service                    
  Health & Fitness             
  Law & Order                   
  Real Estate                       
  Retail Sales                     
  Yet 2 Come                      
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