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 Screen capture of investigative services site
 Investigation Consultants, Inc.
This Law & Order site presented two design challenges. First, as with any site in the law and order category, it had to meet the twin objectives of being attention grabbing while simultaneously presenting a trustworthy, dignified look. To achieve this, we turned to our Vigilance template.
      Our second challenge was to tell the very sad story of the loss of a child. The most heartbreaking thing a parent can do is to bury one of their own children. Site owner Jerry Adams lost his son, Jerry Jr., to a drunk driver. The grief the family felt was compounded by frustration with an obvious false turn in the police investigation of the accident.
 What We Did
This project required what is called "missionary marketing". That means we had to explain a service that was heretofore unknown, and do so effectively enough to create desire for this service. The sad story behind the birth of Investigative Services business Investigation Consultants.
The business idea grew out.of Jerry Adams' frustration with a failed police investigation of his son's death in a traffic accident. Mr. adams spent great effort personally investigating his son's death and finding the driver responsible for the tragedy.
      Mr. Adams' business is not a traditional private investigative service, but a consultancy helping others frustrated with police missteps or inaction. Since this is a new concept, we had to craft the site to tell Jerry's story in a compelling fashion.
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