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 Screen capture of site after our redesign
 What We Did
Marvin already had a web site as shown and explained to the right. Unfortunately, it wasn't designed well for search engine success and wasn't bringing the company much business.
      Marvin contacted us and asked if we could better the sales reach of their site. After studying their site and their marketplace, we could see that they have a fine product and offer it at a competitive price. We could also see what was holding back search engine success and sales.
      Based on our findings, we proposed a bold new look for the site and a major change of venue. The original site was on AOL's Hometown, which is fine for a site about your pet or hobby, but no place for a B2B commercial site. We set up a domain for Marvin and built the new site there. We opted for a look consistent with the bold colors and dramatic graphics typical of the taxi industry.
      Most importantly, we crafted their site with text and headings designed to position each page well in its important key words on the major search engines. Finally, we promoted the site to all the important search engines. The results are a site that really sells. Take a look at to see how the redesign succeeds.
Before: as it was in May of 2002.
Above you see how the site looked when we first signed on to upgrade it. The home-page look was somewhat dated, but not so much so that it would interfere with sales. The real problems were in the hosting arrangement for the site (AOL's Hometown) and in search engine optimization.
      The site needed to be on its own domain. Many search engines won't even list sites hosted on free servers. We moved them to a newly created domain,
      We bolstered the minimal photo evidence of Marvin's quality products with a large new set of pictures. We added just enough text and headings to ensure that search engine robots can easily figure out what the site is all about and rate it highly for it's top key words. To further optimize it for the spiders, we added a full set of META statements in the header of the new site.
      For now, the old site is still viewable on AOL Hometown.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work