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 After the Makeover
Screen capture of the MCSnetZone's B2B Yahoo Store makeover
The MCStel logo and corporate blue needed to rule the design, but the site seemed to beg for some color and action. The collage in the upper right set the direction for adding color. We included a column on the right.
      On the search engine optimization front, we converted all the clunky navigation buttons to more simple, spider friendly CSS rollover text navigation. Continuing with the push for SEO we converted all the Yahoo Store default page headlines from graphically rendered text to pure text styled using CSS. Spiders can't read graphic text, only pure ASCII. Behind the scenes, we added custom variables and custom RTML scripts so each page would have well configured META tags and Title tag. The results of these SEO moves won't be immediate, but they will be profound.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 Before Makeover
Screen capture of original MCSnetZone Web site before Yahoo Store makeover
There was nothing really wrong with the look of the original site. It was just a bit dated. Drab, with clunky navigation buttons. A monochromatic site with monochromatic products.
      But under the hood, things were looking even worse. Revenue had remained essentially flat for over 5 years. In business, you are either growing or you are shrinking. Flat revenues are a sign of withering on the vine. Even more disturbing, the traffic to the site had started falling. It was definitely time for some SEO.
      To the left, you'll see what we did to give the site a fresh new look and new sales potential. What's not visible to the human eye is the SEO improvements, but spiders will see them just fine, and so will the sales manager at
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work