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 The Answer
Screen capture of the NaturalGrocers Yahoo Store makeover
We wanted a simple, clean accessible look for the site. With so many products to shop, it could easily get cluttered and confusing. Most of the real work was in thinking through how to categorize the store for different shoppers (shop by groceries, shop by vitamins, shop by brand, by diet and a bulk category. The graphics across the top of the page make these shopping categories easy to access.
      We worked with the client to make the supplier database file fit both the needs of a Yahoo Store and the 5-method navigation. Note that this places some of the store's 20,000 items in as many as 3 or 4 of the 5 navigation categories, so the database is quite large. We helped the client tweak this huge database to meet SEO objectives.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 The Challenge
When it comes to databases, size matters. Web stores that have huge inventories with tens or even hundreds of thousands of SKUs tend to either do very very well, or to utterly fail. What determines which way the sales fall? Organization.
      When users visit a huge store, their immediate impression is usually, "They must have what I'm looking for". But anyone who has shopped a mega store like the Super WalMarts knows that the fascination with size can easily turn to frustration if finding what you want becomes a massive chore.
      Our challenge was to help Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers organize the new store in such a way that it would be easy and fun for shoppers to us.
      Additionally, we had to help them figure out how to organize a huge database from their supplier. This database covered 70,000 SKUs. It needed to be culled down to the 40,000 will sell on-line. The database also had a some 30 custom fields needed to populate a required FDA label on items like Vitamins and dietary supplements.
      All this information had to be easy to access. This required a custom approach to multi-tiered navigation.
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