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 Navy Relocation--The Challenge
The site needs to be a portal for military moves throughout the US Navy. That's where it is headed. But the site owner needed to get started on a tight budget. To keep costs low, we used a customized version of our SeaPower template. We limited the site's target to the Hampton Roads region to start with. Additional Navy ports and facilities will be added as funding permits.
      Our final destination is a site with automated XML feeds from news sources and area guides. We want the site to be a one-stop shop providing all the resources available on the Internet to help Navy families into smooth moves when duty calls.
 What We Did
We relied heavily on forms to get feedback from Navy families looking to buy, sell or rent in the Hampton Roads area or anywhere in the country.
Real estate site uses forms to trap leads and help users make their moves
Unique Features

Our design efforts focused not only on achieving a credible look and simple, understandable navigation, but on weaving SEO optimization into every step of the design.
      We included pages with moving tips, useful links and legal advice to make the site a useful resource for families who must relocate and not just a set of forms to trap leads.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work