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 Screen capture of natural weight loss supplement site
 Diet Supplement Store--The Challenge
The store owner needed a store front with a striking, unique visual experience. They also wanted the marketing horsepower and immediate credibility of a Yahoo Store. These two are tough to reconcile, as the standard Yahoo Store look is pretty heavily constrained by the store editor. Add to this the fact that this manufacturer contacted us in the waning days of 2002 and needed a page in place for a January 15th advertising rollout.
      Yahoo Store's standard software makes it easy for store designers to crank out carbon-copy sites in a production line manner. We felt very strongly that this bargain-basement approach would be wrong for the diet supplement maker. Their management agreed.
 How We Met the Challenge
We jumped through numerous hoops to achieve this client's objectives. We burned midnight oil through the Holidays. We used custom RTML templates and eye-catching graphics to give their store the unique, this-one's-for-real look that will convert first-time visitors into long-term customers. Don't take our word for it. Read what the client had to say. Product display pages with real content. No cookie-cutter look here.
We are convinced that Internet stores must show and tell customers what they are going to get. We crafted product pages with big pictures, lots of text, and an eye-catching, non-standard look to entice visitors to read more and to order the diet supplements.
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