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 Screen capture of Christmas Letter Site
 The Santa Letters Challenge
1225, LLC came to us with a vision and a few story boards. Their novel idea was to use state-of-the-art on-demand printing coupled with a database driven web site to deliver highly personalized Christmas letters on beautiful, Christmasy letterhead. The kicker? All this had to originate from a Yahoo store in order to tap into the marketing and traffic horsepower of the Internet's number one Directory.
      Our challenges were numerous. Make a three-product site fun and interesting. Craft the site so that users new to the concept can quickly grasp what it is and how to use the site. To accomplish these objectives, we had to integrate a standard Yahoo Shopping Cart into a highly customized, SQL database driven store. Last but certainly not least, we had to do all this in an extremely tight timetable in order to beat the Christmas shopping rush.
 How we Met the Challenge
We used Yahoo Stores only as the Shopping Cart solution. We placed the home page and all the active scripting and database backend on a Yahoo Business server with PHP/MySQL. We used Yahoo's "Real-Time Link" to automatically pass the information collected in the Yahoo Cart to the MySQL database. We developed an innovative method to forward users from the Cart's Order Confirmation page to the PHP/MySQL server and call up the correct record from the SQL database, allowing us to pre-populate a good portion of the letter's address information.
      We used PHP scripted pages to step the user through letter customization and let them preview the results.
Screen capture of a letter customization page
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