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 Extreme Makeover (After)
Screen capture of website design
 How We Met the Challenge
Using the Yahoo! Store Merchant Solutions dual server platform, we set up a password protected site on the store server under and the browsable, unprotected part of the site on the Site server under We used the domain name site to provide in-depth information about all of softsert inc's products. On the opening page, we stated that the products are available only through vision care professionals and their distributors. We invited such professionals to register, receive a password, and become softsert inc providers. We invited consumers to let us know who their Eye Care Professionals were, and provided them a form to do so. And we made sure these invitations were part of the navigation links, available on every page within the consumer site.
      Next we attacked the problem of the color palette established by the ad agency. No problem building a header with the blue/black tones. And that color scheme coordinated perfectly with the dark brunette hair and light blue sweater and backdrop the model used in her poses. But how to tie all that together with the copper tones of the product shots? We chose to use a sand and muted orange navigation bar across the top of the pages, providing a coppery link between the all blue/black of the header and the body content. To further merge this color scheme into the body, we sued light blue header text and the rusty orange color for links.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
 The Challenge
In time with the introduction of their new invention, the lensvue2TM brand soft lens viewer/inserter, softsert incTM choose us to develop a Web presence for their medical devices.
      Beyond the usual challenges of design layout, look and feel; this project presented us with a thorny navigation problem. How do you build a store that is password protected (only Eye Care Practitioners can buy softsert inc products) but still make it easy and fun for consumers to read? The idea was to encourage consumers to "invite" their Eye Care Practitioner to become a softsert inc provider. Below is the "Invitation" form for consumers to do this.
Invitation form designed for softsert inc website
      Surprisingly, another challenge was handed to us by the high-powered New York ad agency that handled logo design and product photography. For some reason, they choose blue and black for the logos and then used a copper colored backdrop for all their new product shots. So, how to reconcile two such disparate color schemes into one unified design?
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work