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 Screen capture of, a Intranet for Trader's marketing and sales personnel
 Trader Marketing Intranet--The Challenge
Trader needed a site that would act rather like a store, letting their 80 branch offices "order" the marketing materials they needed. However, what Trader wanted wasn't that much like a store. No money would change hands. The system just needed to send out e-mails about what was ordered. Some products are stocked by Trader, so the e-mail is just internal. Others are stocked internally, but more expensive. Standard display racks, for instance. These require one or several levels of management to OK the order before it can be fulfilled. Still others are ordered directly from the manufacturer, who holds a pool of stock available for Trader on demand. So even though the cart processes no payments, its operation is extremely complex.
      The cart alone was reasonably complex. But add to that the need for a auto-scheduling calendar so offices could reserve event materials such as the trader blimp, display pavilion and inflatables. A library where marketing could post useful resources in HTML or PDF format. A "Share your Story" section where marketing personel can post info about particularly successful promotional campaigns.
      All this complexity had to be merged into a simple-to-use Admin section allowing marketing personnel with no HTML skills to add, delete and modify content. And it had to be available over the Internet, but ONLY to Trader marketing employees. Not a small order. So what did we do? Read about it.
      If you need a complex Intranet solution developed for your corporate development, contact us
 How We Met the Challenge
We started with an employee authentication page, shown below. It is the only part of the Intranet you can access without authentication as a marketing employee of Trader. Sorry, but it's all you can see at without being a company employee. employee authentication page.
For the cart functions, we started with osCommerce. We heavily customized its PHP scripts to add the functions required for this psuedo-store.
      We developed out own calendar application, shown below. It shows all dates when an event marketing resource like the Trader Blimp is already committed. It lets marketing personnel request the resource for any date not already committed so long as there is sufficient shipping time between the requested dates and any other engagement. As soon as the request is approved, it shows the new committment so that other offices will know the resource is not available at that time. event scheduling calendar
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work