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 Screen capture of art rubber stamp site
 U*Stamp*It & More
Yahoo Stores
This Yahoo Store project appeals to the arcane art of rubber stamping. Products include all sorts of art and sayings on rubber stamps, stamp pads, stampers tools, pens, markers and papers. Afficionados (and there are plenty of them) use these items to create cards and scrapbooks of incredible beauty.
      Challenges included organizing more than 1,000 odds and ends in a fashion that makes it easy to find for the customers and keeping the site arty and fun while not letting the design get in the way of e-commerce function.
 What We Did
We used invisible tables with a tiling background image to create the impression of a drawing board. We lined up the whole page with a Tee Square which also serves as the page footer, carrying Store location and phone numbers. Visit the site and note the subtle touches such as the clear tape holding down the large sheet of white paper that forms the content area of the page. The tape is shown inside the red circle below. A difficult effect to achieve in HTML. We think that attention to detail makes a difference.
Tape holding paper to drafting board
      The thumbtacked paper metaphor is carried over into the navigation. Take a look at the outcome and see how you think we did.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work