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 Screen capture of a option display page
 How We Met the Challenge
Virginia Beach GIfts had a seemingly simple product line, but there was one little twist that added an interesting layer of complexity to the job. One of their products was a set of tumblers or mugs. Very simple. Two sizes of tumblers and one size of mugs. Just 3 products. But there were nearly 250 different graphics that could be selected as options to be applied to these 3 products. We came up with custom RTML templates to categorize and display the optional graphics so that customers can quickly zero in on just the look they like.
      We designed the logo art for this site as well as its graphical look. All were integrated to set the Virginia Beach laid-back resort feeling of the site, consistent with their beach lifestyle products.
      NOTE: The store is complete and you can visit and look around but the owner has not opened it yet.
 The Challenge
Screen capture of Virginia Beach Gifts Site
How do you display a single product when it comes in 250 optional forms? This was only one of the hurdles in delivering a winning retail presence for Virginia Beach Gifts.
      The site owner, a network administrator married to a software company exec., tried to go it alone. Below is the result. They gave up and called for professional help.
Screen capture of do-it-yourself attempt
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