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 The Challenge
It's called Missionary Marketing. Selling a product or service so new that people don't know what it is. THey aren't looking for it. Don't know it exists. And won't buy it till you show and tell them why they need it.
      On top of that, this site was targeted for a Yahoo Store. We would have to handle all the active portions such as registration, customer authentication, session management and a back office for the site owner and operators to use in answering questions. and Yahoo Stores have no active scripting language.
      Finally, we needed to search engine optimize the site--but how to do so for keywords that nobody is yet searching? We weren't even sure which of our portfolio categories to put this innovative new site within.
 How we Met the Challenge
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We opted for hard-hitting graphics first and foremost to carry across the idea of the peace of mind that comes with having good, solid answers to life's pressing questions.
      To make the active side of the site work, we opted for Yahoo's new Merchant Solutions package, which includes a Yahoo Store and a separate PHP/MySQL server. We built all the active portions and back office on the Merchant Solutions server using a mix of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and XML. An XML real-time link from the Yahoo cart lets us know when a new order is placed, and we use that data to allow the buyer to authenticate themselves and log in for answers.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
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