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 Screen capture of, a geo-political portal and comentary site Challenge
Develop a site that has a highly polished look and constantly changing, absolutely current content while staying within a budget that a private citizen can afford. This site may look like the vehicle of a conservative think tank or well-heeled news service, but its owner doesn't have either the capital or journalistic staff the big guys possess.
      Rather than a central core of writing staff working through a staff webmaster, we had to deliver a site that could accommodate a far-flung group of editors and writers each contributing an occasional article. None of these people were experts in HTML.
      Under these circumstances, a site could easily degrade into a hodge-podge of competing typographic styles. We needed to weld together the work of the disparate contributors so that it would look like one cohesive effort, and this had to happen without the intervention of a human managing editor or webmaster.
 How We Met the Challenge
We developed an XML parsing engine to format and display current news from a world class news feed. Fresh news is added, and old news is auto archived by an this robot. Fresh news is added, and old news is auto archived by an XML parsing engine
Contributors can add their articles and editorials by editing auto-spawned template pages using Macromedia Contribute. This frees contributors from the rigors of HTML formatting, and keeps a consistent look to the site.
      We further standardized the look of the pages by using a single Cascading Style Sheet called by each page. Since each auto-spawned template page has already embedded within it the CSS formatting for the site, pages retain a consistent look even though many authors contribute.
      The site has attracted a great deal of attention. It has been mentioned in the Washington Post and Miami Herald, among others. Visit and see how well you think we did.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work