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 Our Answers to the Design Challenge
Screen capture of by Yahoo Store developer, ET Productions
Our Design for the Yahoo Store
 We sampled the color palette directly from the brochure. The trick was to decide how to apply it to something so different from print advertising. What colors should navigation buttons get, for instance. Above, you see our choices.
      We liked the big oval headers the brochure had for each of their three main departments. But there was a problem. Since those department names were important Headline and Anchor text, we needed to render them in pure text, not an image. Search engine spiders cannot "read" images. Only text. So we came up with a way to float the Department Names over a background image of the oval with drop shadow. Strike a blow for SEO.
      We installed our four-function right column for this site. Without any HTML skills, the site owner can manage and constantly change things like best sellers, new items and featured items in the right column. They can set which order these elements display in. And, if they know some HTML, they can even pour that into the right column for ultimate flexibility.
      Visit the site and see how you think we did. While you're there, expand the window and see how the site scales to fit available space.
 The Design Challenge
Build a cool looking, easy to use Web presence for busy CPR and EMS personnel and trainers. Oh and by the way, make it look like the new corporate paper catalog, but work great as a Web page, even though in the design of the printed catalog absolutely No thought had been devoted to Web heuristics.
      Fortunately, the catalog had a nice, professional look and a color palette well adapted to the medical focus of the site. No, it didn't have any "navigation buttons" but if you can forgive their addition it could be used as a design guide for the site.
      Next, we had to take a collection of random products and forge it into a structured database that would dynamically produce simple, easy to drill down navigation for the site.
      We didn't have too much to worry about in defining the sales proposition. Site owner Work 'n Leisure Products is dominant in their B2B niche. Customers come to them already knowing that they offer the best in quality and prices.
      Of course, SEO was, as always, in the mix. Not every CPR and EMS company knows Work 'n Leisure Products. Even those that do may not know about their brand new Web site. So scoring it well in major search listings was a definite priority for the design project.
      Read about the design decisions.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work