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 Samples--Absolutely FREE!
Here are samples of a wide range of styles of writing, some also showing the results of our research efforts.
 bullet Web Content--Jim researched and wrote the copy for the EcoTourism Page of In fact, most of the site is his copy writing work Ditto
bullet Politics--Essay, "Critical Thinking about the Iraq War".
bullet Fiction--Here is an excerpt from chapter 11 of the Jim's potboiler novel, WaterWay.
bullet Humor--Take this simple 20-question test that asserts "You Might Be Getting Old If...".
bullet Inspiration--"Is Love Blind?" is an inspirational essay that draws it answer from 1st Corinthians Ch. 13.
bullet Poetic Essay--In "A Hat for Writing" our staff writer lets his imagination fly in addressing the issue of interracial marriage.
bullet Persuasive Essay--Jim researched and wrote "Music Education Matters" for publication in the Newsletter of the Virginia Beach Association for the Gifted and Talented.
bullet Newsletter--Jim produced the Byograph for the Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia. Here's a PDF format copy of the Oct. 1999 issue.
 Copy Writing
Our founder, Jim Hollomon, is a published author with two books, one in its third printing. He has also written numerous magazine articles and edited newsletters. He is an accomplished researcher.
Copy writer for web site content and for other markets.
We stand ready to do the copy writing and copy editing needed for your project. We can handle pre-writing research for technical and business markets. Contact us and let's discuss your needs.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work