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 Screen capture of Y! Store Design
 The Challenge
This project was replete with challenges. To be effective as a store, a site needs enough product selection. But this site sells only a single product, author Robert Berringer's new book. And since the book is new, how best to search engine optimize? What words would users enter if the wanted to find such a book but didn't even know it had been written.
      How competitive is the field? In a June, 2005 check, Google returned over 8,000,000 listings for golf clubs! Being one of the top ten in such a field would NOT be easy.
 How We Met the Challenge
We decided that since no self respecting bookstore would carry only a single book, we wouldn't make the site look like a bookstore. Instead, we opted for the look and feel of an author's site where you just happen to be able to order the book after reading about it and about the author.
      For search engine optimization, we were careful to include both the book title and author 's name in strategically placed text, but supplement them with new age terms more likely to be searched.
      We gave the site a look and feel suitable to the subject matter, suggesting ancient religious practices with the pyramid and suggest a brooding power that might return as predictably and powerfully as the setting sun will certainly do.
      Visit the site and see how we met this store owner's needs. Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
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