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 Screen capture of Y! Store Design
 The Challenge
In the highly competitive market of golfing equipment, craft a site with the looks, navigation and search engine optimization to preform at the level of the top pros. And do this within the confines of the Yahoo Store platform and its RTML back end.
      How competitive is the field? In a June, 2005 check, Google returned over 8,000,000 listings for golf clubs! Being one of the top ten in such a field would NOT be easy.
 How We Met the Challenge
Our first move was to research the market. The site is aimed at the serious golfer. We learned that most serious golfers have strong brand loyalties. This doesn't mean that they choose only a certain manufacturers clubs. It means that for putters, they believe in this manufacturer while for irons, they may have a completely different favorite.
      Understanding that, we made brand identity easy to spot and featured shop-by-brand navigation. But at the same time, we provided the alternative of shop-by-club-type navigation for those who wished to browse the choices before deciding.
      We poured this navigation into a front page that looks like golf from its color scheme to its layout and graphics. We added a newsy right column that changes regularly for frequent visitors. See a full sized view.
      Contact us to find out how we can meet yours.
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