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 Screen capture of real estate sales site
 David Phillips--The Challenge
This real estate salesman was convinced of the selling power of the web. He was equally certain that his existing website wasn't getting him the results he wanted. He came to us to find out what he needed to do to put the selling power of the Web to work for him.
      Discussion started with search engine optimization (SEO) and adding some feedback forms to trap leads from people interested in either buying or selling a home. A quick review of his existing site showed that no amount of search engine submissions would work to improve his position in searches. The site simply wasn't designed with search engines in mind.
      Another factor speaking for a new look was the fact that David was moving to a new real estate firm at the time and had his existing site branded to look like the firm he was departing. Given that a redesign was in order, the challenge was to make it look stunning and provide some moderate database backend function without exceeding a real estate salesman's budget.
 Real estate site before our makeover
What David Had "Before"

While the old site was not bad from a visual standpoint, the look did little to set David's site apart from the legions of outer cookie-cutter real estate sites on the web today. More importantly, it didn't offer the "spider food" needed to convince search engine "spiders" to rate it tops in important real estate keywords.
What We Did
Our makeover concentrated on matching the elegant look of David's new real estate firm, GMAC Progressive and weaving SEO optimization into every step of the design.
      For areas like the "Featured Home" where updates are frequent, we built a back-end database and PHP templates allowing easy content management. To add or change content, the owner simply signs on to a password protected admin section and fills in blanks in a form. Visit the site and see how we did.
ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work