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 Screen capture of art rubber stamp site
Yahoo Stores
This Yahoo Store project required merging two existing and largely unsuccessful stores into one Department Store style Yahoo Store. To be successful, the new store needed a look consistent with a mass merchandiser's store front. We achieved that by displaying products visually on the front page along with a unique and fetching logo design. We handled the front page makeover and organized the navigation. The store owner took care of inside page updates.
      The old Yahoo Store had been called A separate non-Yahoo diet product store used the domain name. We explained to the owner that the InternetMall2002 name was an untenable choice. It really wasn't a mall, it was a store. In addition, we launched the redesign near the end of 2002. Would we rename the store to InternetMall2003 on January 1, thus breaking all links and search engine listings, or live with a name that becomes ever more dated? Together, we decided to use the unique name and brand the store accordingly. While both domain names still work, all future promotion will push the Yvante brand.
 Before and After
To the left, you see the new front page with its major department store metaphor. Below is the original.
The before of this before and after
In the original, navigation was confused and inconsistent. To discover men's wear, one needed to click on women's wear, then find children's wear on the page that opened, then mens' wear at the bottom of the childrens' wear page! In the redesign, navigation buttons for Figurines, Statuary, Clocks, La Verona Collection, Glass Creations, Frosted Creations, Far Eastern and Swords and Knives were all gathered together in the Home Decor Department. In their place we opted for Appliances, Hardware and other typical Department Store headings.
      The department store metaphor, reflected in the new navigation, makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Take a look at the outcome and see how you think we did.
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